Steingass is organized into three basic contracting units, which provide

constructions services as commercial contractors or subcontractors. The units are

HVAC, Plumbing and Fire Supression.


From conception to completion our in-house staff of highly skilled personnel can prepare quotations from pre-engineered drawings or provide designed drawings to facilitate any size project.

Our field project managers are trained to maintain all OSHA regulations and meet project schedules while working through typical field conditions.

Our HVAC department specializes in all aspects of the industries.

  • Sheet metal design and installation

  • Heating-Air-Conditioning-Refrigeration.

  • Plumbing-Hydronics-Fire Protection

  • Controls-Ventilation-Process Piping


Steingass Mechanical Contracting LLC has been a plumbing contractor in Northeast Ohio for 48 years. We started out in a trunk of a car. In our infancy, we were enjoying the housing boom in the late 70’s and early 80’s. As the housing market slowed down, we moved into the commercial industrial arena. Our accomplishments have been many. We have worked with schools, churches, Walmarts, nursing homes and assisted living homes.

We continue to be a strong player in the Cleveland market!

Fire Protection

Steingass Mechanical Contracting is growing in Fire Protection. We now have a chief plan examiner, estimator and a designer on staff to handle all your fire sprinkler needs to include:

·         Full estimating needs of pricing

·         Wet and dry sprinkler systems of all types

·         Special hazards regarding storage or pre-action needs

·         Design and plan approval by a State of Ohio certified designer

·         Full material and labor needs from 1 sprinkler to two thousand

·         Service needs included from annual inspections to complete repairs

·         Certifications available upon request